Terms of Use

Privacy, Security and Legal Notice

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) manages the Stewardship Blog to improve communications with all Oregonians about the natural resources within our parks. We include information about current and planned Stewardship projects and events. Our use-policy is subject to amendment or modification at any time to ensure that the online blog’s continued use is consistent with its intended purpose as a limited forum.

If you need to make or change a campground reservation or have a specific question about a campground site, please call Reservations Northwest at
1-800-452-5687. Our business days are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.

All records—including information posted, received or connected to this online newsletter that meet the definition of a record—are subject to Oregon’s Public Records Law.


OPRD staff review and moderate all comments and post them during regular business hours. We cannot commit, just like any other online newsletter administrator, to replying to every comment.

OPRD will generally approve comments that:

  • Compliment, criticize, question or discuss parks or heritage programs.
  • Contain links to other websites related to Oregon recreation and heritage.
  • Pertain to the subject of the online newsletter entry posted by OPRD staff, or contribute to the normal flow of debate.
  • Do not violate the next set of conditions listed below …

OPRD will not approve comments that:

  • Are judged rude, abusive or offensive by no fewer than two OPRD reviewers.
  • Contain an unrelated commercial solicitation.
  • Contain political statements in support of or opposed to legislation, ballot measures, or candidates.

Published comments do not represent the views of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department or the State of Oregon.


Please do not include any personally identifiable information, such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers or credit/debit card information in your comments.


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